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PGP Consulting aspires to provide the highest level of quality service by building relationships based on trust, integrity, and reliability.

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PGP Consulting is in the business of building relationships. We diligently work hand-in-hand with our clients, maintaining honesty and respect, to set them up for growth and success.

The PGP team

Meet the PGP Consulting managing team.

Raj Patel

Managing Member

Raj has worked in the Accounting and Tax industry for 7 years.  He has extensive experience in commercial, industrial, and residential real estate full cycle accounting. His other areas of expertise include common-area-maintenance estimation and reconciliation, budgeting and forecasting, budget analysis and variance reporting for financial and operational performance optimization, job cost accounting, general ledger accounting, payroll account auditing and reconciliation, as well as personal and corporate income tax return filings.  Raj’s professional demeanor and expansive knowledge in the accounting and tax industry is highly valued by the many clients he has provided service to over the years.

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Manan Patel

Managing Member

Manan has worked in the Tax and Accounting industry for 8 years. He has managed over 1,000 clients on a yearly basis and during his time spent working in the industry, he has filed well over 5,000 tax returns. Manan was raised with a business background, operating Hotels and Motels from a very early age, learning and incorporating different strategies and developing workflows needed to run a business successfully. His straight-forward approach and aggressive work ethic is appreciated by his clients who rely on his sound advice, successful strategies, and timely delivery, as well as his fellow partners.

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Joshua Gavini

Managing Member

Joshua has worked in the Tax and Accounting industry for 5 years.  He has managed over 1,000 clients on a yearly basis on his own, and during his experience, he has completed and filed well over 4,000 tax returns.  His advice and guidance is valued by all of his clients.  Joshua approaches problems with a fresh look, always researching the newest and best strategies to apply to each unique situation.  His honest and personable approach, along with his willingness to go above and beyond, and positive outlook is appreciated by his fellow partners and the many clients who have come to trust him over the years.

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