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Looking for local tax preparation services in Downey, Ca? Our professional accounting firm can help you with any of your tax needs including both federal and state income tax returns, tax consulting, and much more.

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Individual Tax Returns

Filing your individual taxes can be a daunting task. PGP Consulting is here to help you get through the process with ease. We offer tax preparation services for individuals in any situation, including those who have complicated returns such as high-net-worth individuals, cryptocurrency transactions, and business owners. Our tax preparers will utilize all tax strategies available to reduce your liability and make sure you're awarded all credits and exemptions you've earned during the calendar year.

Sole Proprietorship Tax Services

Taxes can be a pain. Sole proprietorship taxes are no exception. Managing your own taxes is hard, and it's even harder when you're not sure what the IRS expects from you. You have to keep up with all of the changes in tax law, or else risk getting audited or fined for non-compliance. Let our team handle your taxes for you! Our team will make sure that your sole proprietorship tax obligations are met on time every year, saving you time and money in the long run.

Non-Profit Tax Professionals

Work as a nonprofit organization can be an enjoyable experience, but it may also be difficult to keep up with the changing tax regulations. There are strict regulations for nonprofit organizations that are difficult to keep up with. Nonprofits rarely have to pay taxes but are required to file an annual Form 990 and ensure they are in compliance with all laws and regulations. Our team at PGP Consulting understands how challenging this process can be. We'll help you navigate these complex rules so your organization stays compliant and focused on its nonprofit mission.

Partnership Tax Preparation

Filing taxes for your partnership can be a difficult process. The IRS is tough when it comes to partnerships, and if you don't follow their guidelines closely there could be consequences. Not only that, but the process is complicated and time-consuming. PGP Consulting is here to help with all of your tax needs. We offer tax services for partnerships in any situation including both general and limited partnerships. Our experienced team will use every strategy available to reduce your federal and state tax liability.

S-Corporation Tax Returns

Maintaining financial records for an S-corporation can be challenging. PGP Consulting is here to help you streamline the process of staying compliant with your tax obligations as an S-Corporation. We offer expert tax services that will allow you to focus on running your business instead of worrying about staying in compliance with confusing tax regulations. Our firm understands the complexities of correctly managing a company's finances and being compliance with different tax requirements, and we're here to assist you.

LLC Tax Services

If you're looking for a professional tax accounting company that specializes in LLCs, look no further than PGP Consulting. We offer the best in tax consulting and compliance services to help your LLC stay compliant with local, state, and federal regulations. Our team of experts has years of experience working with small businesses just like yours. You can rest easy knowing that we will take care of all your tax needs so you don't have to worry about penalties or fines from the IRS. There's nothing more important than making sure that your taxes are filed on time every year - and it's our job to make sure that happens!

Corporate Tax Preparation

Corporate taxes requirements can be complicated and difficult to understand. The tax code is so complex that even some professionals struggle with it, which means you need help from a team that truly understands how to navigate this murky territory. PGP Consulting’s tax team has been providing expert guidance for years, helping corporations of all sizes in almost every industry manage and minimize their state and federal tax liability. Our team of experienced professionals can help you remain compliant with your tax responsibility.

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Expert Tax Preparer

It's not easy to know what you're entitled to when it comes to deductions, credits, and other financial benefits. Hiring an expert Downey tax preparer to handle this for you is usually the best course of action. A qualified professional has a deeper understanding of the tax code, which can help them better determine their expenses and circumstances that qualify them for tax deductions, credits, and other financially favorable allowances.

Quick & Easy E-Filing

E-file is the best way to file your federal and state taxes. It's faster, easier, and more accurate to e-file! Plus, it makes compliance with reporting and disclosure requirements easier by eliminating the need for you to manually assemble all of the appropriate schedules and attachments. And if that weren't enough, there isn't even postage required!

IRS Audit Representation

In the case of an Internal Revenue Service audit, PGP Consulting will represent you. There are three main benefits to having IRS audit representation with us: 1) we will help you work out your strategy beforehand, 2) we will prepare the documents that the taxing authority requests and, 3) we will handle correspondence and attend meetings on your behalf.

State & Federal Compliance

The IRS is constantly changing the tax code, which can make it difficult for businesses and individuals to stay compliant with both state and federal tax responsibility. PGP Consulting has deep expertise in current tax law and the best practices for tax planning. We can help businesses and individuals maintain their tax compliance even amid changing regulations and tax reform.

Tax Notice Resolution

We have years of experience getting taxpayers back in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service. Our expert tax notice resolution services will make sure that you're compliant and ready for filing season, so your mind can rest easy knowing you are fully compliant with all of your tax obligations.

Long Term Tax Planning

Tax planning is the process of evaluating your business's financial situation and drawing up strategies to minimize taxes while maximizing value. The benefit of tax planning for any business, large or small is that it can provide strategic insight into how to reduce their overall liability in accordance with the current and future financial status of the business.

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